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Here I want to share about my life, my struggles and successes, the brighter pieces of my life's mosaics and the darker ones, too. They all are a part of the masterpiece God is working on, it just takes time to see a bigger picture.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!..

Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.
Your heart understood when I needed a friend.
Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.
Your strength and love has guided me
and gave me wings to fly.

~ Sarah Malin

Today is my Mother's birthday. She would have turned 54... Three and a half years ago she was called Home, to be with her Creator, her Father, her Lover, her Savior, her Lord. 

My mother's name was Lidiya. She was one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. She was a tender daughter, a caring sister, a loving mother, a faithful friend. Above everything else she was a genuine Christian, a precious daughter of the Most High. Being brought up in a Christian home, my Mom accepted the Lord early in her life and committed herself to Him fully. Wherever she was, whatever she did, whoever she met, Mom's light was shining bright, embracing people's lives with warmth and tenderness. I will never forget how she opened her heart and her house to homeless strangers she ran into on the streets, to feed them, to provide them with a warm bath and a set of clean clothes. Being a single parent (our father left the family when my youngest sister was just a few months), Mom worked hard to provide for her three young daughters, yet her heart and hands were generous enough to spare some food for people she barely knew. 

Mom had so much love in her heart that people were drawn to her naturally. A Sunday school teacher for teens, Mom always had dozens of kids in her house every Sunday after church. Kids ate, played, napped, helped around the house, and bathed in Mom's sweet attention. My sisters and I must have been the most popular kids in the church because of our Mom :). Later, when she taught the younger kids, there were kids whose parents didn't want to have anything to do with church, yet they would bring their children to Mom's class and stay there themselves. Only God knows how many lives have been touched and changed through our Mom.

I am not bragging. I wish I were a better writer to describe how amazing and wonderful our Mother was!.. She deserves much more praise than I can possibly offer.

My heart is aching that Mom is not with us anymore. She was indeed the sun around me and the wind under my wings. Nothing and nobody can take her place in my life and in the lives of my wonderful sisters. We will always miss her. We also will always cherish the lessons she has taught us with her own life. Perhaps, she wasn't the best housewife, or the strongest player, or the greatest leader. Yet she was the best person to be around. She was the best mother and friend. She loved her God with all her heart and with all her might, till the last breath. She loved her children, her parents, her sister, her grandchildren - born and unborn. She loved her friends, and even her enemies.

If I could be a half of the person my Mother was, I would consider it a real blessing.

We love you, Mom!.... Happy Birthday!...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Following Jesus

The sermon at church today was on John 19:31-42. The pastor talked a lot about following Jesus through and through, and about getting our faith out of the closet and into the open. He also presented this mini-movie by Igniter Media.

Interesting how the circumstances and peer pressure can affect our walk with Christ... In some case even to the point of "un-following" Him, if only outwardly...

Time for reality check. How faithful is my walk with my Lord? How faithful is yours?..