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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Use Kindle to Kindle Your Faith

Lately I've been involved in some article writing as a representative of my husband's small business/ministry. While I still await on this article to be approved and published, I've decided to share it on my blog.


"Why not lighten your load and use a Kindle for Bible studies? You can take notes, highlight passages, search for words and phrases and interact with scriptural text on a Kindle just as you would with a book or with your Bible. If you think the Kindle is a bit pricey, this list of 25 ways to use the Kindle for Bible study may change your mind about Kindle's sticker price" - Joy Shepherd, Biblical Learning Blog.

MODERN TECHNOLOGIES AND GADGETS are gaining popularity among Christians for enhanced methods of Bible Study. Amazon's Kindle e-reader is one of the best ones for that purpose. With the capacity to hold numerous Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, theological materials, the writings of prominent Christian authors and other resources all in one place, Kindle is often seen in churches, at Bible study groups and during personal devotions.

"to study the Bible, you've gotta have one"

There are hundreds of electronic Bibles offered on Amazon's Kindle Store - different translations, versions and editions, as well as dramaticaly different prices. The price varies from $0.00 to $199.00. Even if you know what translation you want, how do you pick the best one?

Well, since there are as many opinions and needs as there are people, there might not be THE best one for all. However, there are definitely some that have been tried and found more accurate and helpful than others. In the list below you will find the Bibles that stand out of the crowd due to their quality and functionality. We invite you to read the reviews, try these Bibles yourself, and see whether you agree with our choice.

Kindle Bible (KJV) (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump; paragraphed):

"This edition incorporates the strengths of other KJV Kindle versions, such as chapter and verse navigation from the Table of Contents, but in addition, allows for going straight to the desired verse by simply typing in the abbreviated book, chapter, and verse and double-clicking "Find". This is an incredible time saver! This is a really wonderful edition. I highly recommend it." by WT Sharpe (Chesapeake, VA, USA) 

"I did a bit of research before deciding on a bible for my kindle, and am not disappointed that I chose this one. It's very easy to navigate, as other reviewers have pointed out, due to direct verse jump and I've found NO errors. It's so easy to follow my pastor all over the Word during his sermon, and to make notes, etc. right along with him. This is the best one out there. I will say that (as the intro points out) it does take about 10 minutes to load up all the way for use of Direct Verse Jump, so don't panic!" by C. Lee (Ohio, USA)

KJV New Testament with Strong's markup, dictionary and more
"Wow! This is the kind of portable study tool I have been looking for. I have been using PC Bible 5 by Biblesoft for about 5 years and bought the Kindle in hopes of finding a more portable Bible study tool. I bought and tried several of the other Strong's works, but have not been totally satisfied with them. This one is different: the hot links to words, Strong No's, Thayer's as well as Strong's definitions, etc is great." by RAB "Richard Bost" (McMinnville, TN USA)
"I have the KJV Bible for my Kindle and I wanted a concordance. This device delivers better than the concordance on my PC. I would like to get the Old Testament concordance also." by TryConnect
"This New Testament is best used as a study reference, not for everyday reading. The words of the verses are spaced far apart to allow for the Strong's numbers after each word. The Strong's numbers are hot links to the definitions. [...] The original Strong's [regular] books are too large to carry anywhere making this version pretty handy to have anywhere." by J. Coker (GA, USA)

NET Bible First Edition (with notes)
"I've been using this Kindle version of the NET Bible for a month now and it has become one of my main resources when looking for help understanding particular passages. There are an incredible number of notes that help you understand the text - several for each verse. Yes, it's produced by a group of more evangelical Christians such as Dan Wallace of the Dallas Theological Seminary and the conclusions reached in the notes come from that perspective, but even as a much more liberal Christian that doesn't bother me. The reason is that the study notes are very scholarly and fair in presenting alternative views of a text even though they may tend to opt for a more conservative reading, that's not always the case either. In all, it's a major piece of biblical scholarship. Since the primary goal of the authors is accuracy, the style of the text isn't the most literary compared to other versions, but to me, a study Bible should put accuracy above literary quality since there are other versions you should also have to read the Bible as literature." by Indulgent Dad (Mpls., MN)

ESV Study Bible

"I was very pleasantly surprised by the Kindle edition of the ESV Study Bible. The folks at Crossway went out of their way to transfer the content over a new format. There are links to study notes on verses and sections, charts, maps, background and more. A special introduction to the Kindle edition helps you use the five-way button. Also, as some charts do not fit the Kindle screen, Crossway provides internet links for you to see them on your computer. Overall, this is a bargain at $9.99 and probably the largest file book you will download. It is loaded with great resources!" by K.Allen (Colorado Springs, CO USA)
"The ESV Study Bible for the Kindle makes Bible study a joy again. My eyes are not what they used to be when it comes to reading, So the ability to choose the size font I want and to be able to adjust the number of words on a line (features of the Kindle) just add perfectly to the value of the wonderful study Bible. Articles, footnotes, maps and so much more are all right there with a quick move of the Kindle 5-way controller. The ESV Bible translation is highly readable, beautifully done, and has has shown to be one of the very best word-for-word translations out there. I bought the the awesome leather-bound version of the wonderful study Bible also. I would give this item three thumbs up...if I ever grow an extra thumb." bMichael Witherington (Wilmington, NC)

OSNOVA Study Bible
"This Bible is great for one serious in their study of the Word. It has most all the scripture references you need on the same subject. As it is advertised, let the Word itself tell you what a passage means instead of reading or hearing someone else's opinion. It works great on my IPad. It takes you to each reference and with a tap of the back arrow returns you back to where you were to get the next reference. It has a daily Bible reading to take you through the Bible in a year. Most days have 4 different passages on the subject for the month. I will be starting this the first of January. It looks like it was designed for family readings. It has a vast amount of serious study suggestions and tools for study. This Bible may not be what one would want to use in following along with your pastor's sermon but it is definitely well worth the money for study. All you might need to go with it would be a Strong's concordance." by Tippy2
"All of the biblical resources produced by OSNOVA are fantastic. This bible with the active links and cross references is invaluable for bible study.Dont know how he produces such nice resources for such low prices when the "big" christian publishers charge over 3-4x's as much. Only one thought- calling this a KJV Study Bible might be more clear to some since many might not be familar with the name of "OSNOVA".Thanks again for another great product!" by sunmoon

In addition to Kindle Bibles, there are many different BIBLE STUDY MATERIALS, available for Kindle at Amazon's Kindle Store. These include Bible Commentaries, encyclopedias, Study Bibles, the writings of Christian authors on the subject matter.

Below are listed several publications that would prove very helpful during personal Bible study, sermon preparation and group discussions.


Unabridged Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible by Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's six-volume 'Exposition of the Old and New Testament' or Complete Bible Commentary has long been celebrated as the best of English commentaries of the Bible for devotional purposes. It provides an exhaustive verse by verse study of the Bible, covering the whole of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown's Commentary on the Whole Bible
(best navigation with Direct Verse Jump) by David Brown, A. R. Fausset, Robert Jamieson
Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown's Commentary of the Bible has stood the test of time and remains the preeminent evangelical expository commentary of the Scriptures. It provides verse-by-verse exposition of most Bible passages in insightful, accurate, succinct, and easy to understand articles.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) by James Orr
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia is an exhaustive classic Biblical encyclopedia consisting of 5 paper volumes. This bastion of knowledge is now available in one beautifully formatted book for the Kindle. The Kindle edition works as any other Kindle dictionary and may be set as the Kindle default dictionary. The ISBE includes almost 10,000 thoroughly written authoritative articles representing the scholarship of nearly 200 evangelical scholars

NIV Archaeological Study Bible: An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture
by Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Duane Garrett
Readers who desire a more intimate knowledge of the historical context of the Bible will appreciate the NIV Archaeological Study Bible. Full of informative articles and photographs of places and objects from biblical times, this Bible examines the archaeological record surrounding God's Word and brings the biblical world to life. Readers' personal studies will be enriched as they become more informed about the empires, places, and peoples of the ancient world.

How to Study the Bible by John MacArthur 
The Bible is the Word of life. As such, studying the Bible is crucial to the life and growth of every believer. In this revised work, John MacArthur examines various Scripture passages in the Old and New Testament to answer both the "why" and the "how" John F. MacArthur pastors Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and serves as President of the Master's College and Seminary. A well-known Bible expositor and conference speaker, he has written more than six-dozen books, including the MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series and the MacArthur Study Bible. He is the Bible teacher on Grace to You, an international radio broadcast.

OSNOVA Kindle Bible publishers offer on their blog a great post by Joy Shepherd from Biblical Learning Blog, in which the author lists numerous ways one can utilize a Kindle for Bible Study. The article offers many helpful links to Bible Study resources for Kindle.

OSNOVA has been publishing Bibles and Bible Study materials for Kindle since October 2009. OSNOVA Kindle Bibles feature a revolutionary navigation method, called DVJ (Direct Verse Jump), which allows the reader to find any Bible verse in seconds. Other great features of their Kindle Bibles include the hyperlinked table of contents, a 5-way controller navigation between chapters and books, and in many cases a cross-reference system between the Bible text and build-in Bible study resources or translator's notes (as in case with Osnova Study Bible and The NET Bible). OSNOVA Kindle publications can be found at their web-store as well as on Amazon's Kindle Store.

Although already mentioned above, Crossway's ESV Study Bible deserves a few extra words. Here is what Chris from eReader Chat writes about ESV:
    "This is the nerd's version of the Bible, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. The ESV Study Bible goes beyond the text to give you all the history and context for fully understanding those same old passages. It's got 20,000 notes sprinkled within the text itself, easily accessible by links. It's also got scores of articles, charts, maps, and specially-formatted illustrations to really stimulate your imagination. Unfortunately, like the NIV, it uses the Table of Contents as its principal form of navigation. I still think it's the most useful version, all told, but it could make better use of the Kindle itself."

One more Bible that deserves special attention is the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) with The Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Glossary, and The One Year Bible, New Living Translation by Miklal Software Solutions, Inc. From a product description:
    "Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) is a complete Hebrew Bible in an aesthetically pleasing Hebrew script. It contains all of the consonants, vowels, cantillation marks (accents), and other symbols. It follows the text of the Leningrad Codex as digitized by the J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Research. This is the same manuscript underlying Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) and Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ). In addition, the Kindle version has The Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Glossary, by Humphrey H. Hardy, appended to it." A detailed review of the Hebrew Bible appears on the blog This Lamp.

And last, but not the least, - a great FREE resource for every Bible scholar: the SBL Greek New Testament, from Logos Bible Software and the Society of Biblical Literature.
    "The SBLGNT is edited by Michael W. Holmes, who utilized a wide range of printed editions, all the major critical apparatuses, and the latest technical resources and manuscript discoveries as he established the text. The result is a critically edited text that differs from the Nestle-Aland/United Bible Societies text in more than 540 variation units... Students, teachers, pastors, and interested laypersons can use the SBLGNT right now for research, writing, and study-at no cost." (from the product description).

If you are not quite sure why serious students of the Bible must read the Greek original, read Biblical Greek as a Way to Better Scripture Knowledge.


25 Ways to Use the Kindle for Bible Study
Why not lighten your load and use a Kindle for Bible studies? You can take notes, highlight passages, search for words and phrases and interact with scriptural text on a Kindle just as you would with a book or with your Bible. If you think the Kindle is a bit pricey, this list of 25 ways to use the Kindle for Bible study may change your mind about Kindle's sticker price.

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"Your word is a lamp to my feet 
and a light for my path" 
Psalm 119:105

About the author:
Oksana Antonenko is a follower of Christ, a wife, a mother and an integral part of OSNOVA.
OSNOVA is a small family company, established by Illya Antonenko in 2009, for the purpose of publishing high quality Bible resources for Kindle and Nook.
The word OSNOVA means "foundation" (in Ukrainian, which is our native language). One of our favorite Bible verses, found in 1 Corinthians 3:11, says that Jesus is our foundation. Through our work we want to proclaim this truth and celebrate His lordship in our lives.


  1. Wow! Can I just say thank you for all this information Oksana! This was quite a post and I really appreciate all the awesome information in it. Thank you for helping me see the Kindle a little differently than I had previously. I hadn't really thought of it much as a Bible study tool or a means to read the Bible. And it's great that the prices are so reasonable! We have been trying to simplify our life so much I guess it didn't really occur to me how wonderful that it could be. Sorry if it's as though I live in a cave, but I haven't had anyone speak to me about the Kindle in a way that relates to me I guess. You speak of more substance and what I am looking for. I wouldn't want it so much for leisurely reading, but more for the reasons you pointed out. Thank you for that. You have been such a blessing. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Dear Jo Ann, thank you so much for your kind words! I would be honored to have you as my blog's reader!