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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Things I Love About My Husband

Being married is a wonderful journey. The one with its ups and downs. One would think that the "ups" is a better part. Perhaps, I often think so myself.

However, over the period of 10 years (yes, we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary just in several weeks!), I've come to realize that the "down" times are the driving force in a healthy marriage. Ours is healthy, by the grace of God, to whom we had initially submitted ourselves and our relationship.

The times, when one of us (or we both) is struggling, help define the other person and highlight his/her strengths and virtues.

In our marriage my attraction to my husband is no longer based just on pure emotion or physical attraction. Both those things are still there, but I've also come to respect that man, to appreciate him for all he is and all he does. Illya deserved a much bigger post that this one, but for now I'll just say that I love my husband for...

- being my very best friend;

- loving and accepting me always, unconditionally, just the way I am;

- protecting me, physically, emotionally, financially;

- being the BEST DADDY to our three kids:


I love you, Illya!
Thank you for being more than what I had ever hoped for!..
(and for waiting patiently while I'm writing this post :))


  1. sweet! Happy anniversary Oksana and Illya! Now, next post, a picture of the two of you together, please! :)

  2. LOL, Sarah, for that I'd have to go an extra mile. The only recent picture of the two of us is two seriously out-of-shape people eating cotton candy! :)