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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Too bad I'm not much of a blogger...

Lately I've become involved with all sorts of on-line marketing, trying to support my husband's small business of publishing Bibles and Bible study resources for Kindle and Nook (you can take a look at his work here). Surprisingly, this is something I've come to like! I get to meet new people, read many good stories and come across valuable articles.

Here is the one I definitely want to share on my blog.

Internet Evangelism Idea #3: 10 Tips for Blogging with a Mission

Paul Steinbrueck's ministry has become a blessing for me, and I pray it blesses your heart as well.

Now I just wish I were a better blogger so I could put those tips to work...


  1. thanks for reading my blog. i'll check yours out too :)

  2. Kristi, it's always good to come across a good blog. Yours is great! I enjoyed reading about your boys - they seem like a super fun gang ;)