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Here I want to share about my life, my struggles and successes, the brighter pieces of my life's mosaics and the darker ones, too. They all are a part of the masterpiece God is working on, it just takes time to see a bigger picture.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whatever Our Struggles Are...

February has been an interesting month for me. Challenging. I had my baby boy on the 13th - thank you, Father, for this wonderful gift! Then I had some issues with my mother-in-law just days after that. Than on the 25th it was my Mom's birthday but without her - she died out of brain tumor over two years ago. In between all the joy and sadness, another great thing happened - my husband initiated joining a Bible study group (which is huge since he usually minds all sorts of social gatherings). Then I had another conflict situation with my mother-in-law, and it sort of got out of hand. And it always puts me in a state of despair.

This time around, though, with God's help and many prayers and words of encouragement from faithful Christian friends, I made a decision to trust God to work in our family and do what is best for us all. The whole situation with my mother-in-law is obviously a part of the spiritual battle, for both her and our souls. Jesus HAS ALREADY WON the battle on the cross! He is our Lord and Saviour, so He WILL WIN this battle in our lives as well! I already see good things coming out of this situation. I feel God's work happening in and around me and my family. I see God changing my attitudes, my way of reacting to things; I feel Him strengthening me and helping me defeat the enemy's lies I've been believing in for so long. I know it's just the beginning, and the enemy's  hardest blows might still be ahead. I just want to remember to choose believing and trusting One God who can move the mountains of my past, present and the future, the mountains of my doubts and mistakes, the mountains of my sadness and insecurity. He is the author of salvation who rose and conquered the grave. And He will shine in my life and in my family!..


  1. I know how hard it is when there is conflict in the family. My relationship with my mother in law is so wonderful. My conflict usually comes from my relationship with my own mom. Lots of past things, mixed with the present, strong personalities, admittance of issues.....long story! But oh, yes, prayer is the key, because I know that I can not change anyone, God can. Have you ever read the book How to Deal with Difficult People? My pastor's wife shared the book with me. I learned so much from it.

    Just so you know...Sometimes it takes me hours or days even to do a blog post! I really don't have it all together!

  2. Natasha, I am blessed to know you through our blogs! Thank you. As for the book,.. although my MIL is a rather difficult person, I should first learn how to deal with myself :).

  3. YES! That is so much what the book is about. I had to change my "approach" and although my mom hasn't changed, my approach has and that has made a difference in me and my frustrations.

    I am blessed to know you as well. It is so great to relate and connect to others even though we are so far apart.