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Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Matthew is one month old!

Time flies! It's hard to imagine that exactly one month ago, also on Sunday, our baby Matthew joined our family. It's been an interesting, exciting, challenging, fun, tiresome, wonderful month. Matthew has already been to Bogdan's school, McDonald's, Chuck E.Cheese's, grocery stores, Targer (and other mom's shopping trips) and  a good number of playgrounds. He has already endured Daryna's feedings (goldfish crackers and lollipops!) and Bogdan's story-telling. He will be the most durable of the three, I suspect :).

Here is a little video of the very first encounter between our kids. I just love the tenderness and excitement Bogdan and Daryna feel about their baby brother!..

Dan and Daryna meet Matt for the first time from Illya Antonenko on Vimeo.

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