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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Tired Sigh...

I was so very excited to finally share my love story with the world! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to write the most exciting part for the longest time now. I am simply so. very. tired.

My OBGYN says the baby is still pretty high and not considering to enter this world any time soon :). Well, it must be good news at this time since both Bogdan and Daryna have been terribly sick lately. It all started so innocently - some cough and slight fever. Now it's getting out of hand again. Kids are running fever and coughing non-stop, sometimes to the point of barfing. I've started using Netti Pot to rinse their noses - I've found myself quite in love with this simple yet effective thingamajigger!

My belly is getting so big and round, I feel like a huge watermelon. Sleeping has become quite uncomfortable at this point...

So I guess, the story's grand finale would have to wait till better times. Sigh!..

On the brighter side, thought, we did manage to go to San Diego Zoo a couple of days ago, just in time to entertain two sick kids who would be so miserable in four walls. Here are a few pics of the highlight of the week:
Daryna even allowed us to put a bow on her hair to look pretty for the zoo!
Bogdan is showing off his souvenir coin.
Enjoying a ride.
That's as close as we came up to ice and snow this winter!
Foot massage was well worth a quarter!

Hopefully, our little ones will get better very soon so we can go on enjoying our days. Wishing you all safe and healthy days, too!

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