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Sunday, January 16, 2011


The holidays have come and gone, leaving us happy and tired. The kids had the most fun, of course! Opening the gifts, cracking the party poppers and goofing around is a fail-proof ticket to a great celebration. Although I must admit I was totally wiped out and exhausted, I am grateful to God for yet another wonderful time He gave to us as a family!..

Ahh, the beauty of a peaceful Christmas morning,
before the gang is awake...
Kids are working on their gifts! :)


My very own super special hand-made
gift from our son - the best gift ever!..

P.S.  And my mother-in-law totally loved her photo book that I spent the whole day compiling :). She has told all her friends about it. So I guess I'll be making more of those ;)


  1. LOVE the knight suit. Carson wanted one for Halloween, but hated the helmet. He decided to wear his big brother's old Pablo costume. He loves playing with the rest of the knight stuff though.

  2. Did you mean Pablo like the Backyardigans Pablo? Our kids love, love, love the show (and I do, too).
    I guess the helmet is not our most favorite part either, but the sword and the shield get picked up quite often, even by our daughter.

  3. What a beautiful knight - he should be his Mom and sister's defender!
    And Darynka looks a lot like her aunt Sveta.

    And... what a beautiful Christmas tree you had!