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Friday, December 3, 2010

So it really does get busy for the holidays...

A few days ago I decided to stop by the post office to ship a small package to a family member. The place was so crowded I could hardly enter. The thing was in the morning, so I decided to come back later, hoping the crowds would leave by then. Bad idea! It was even worse in the afternoon! I stood in line and eventually managed to send my package. Is it Christmas yet?! I mean, it's just the first days of December!

The next day I made a mistake of going to Toys'R'Us, looking to buy a replacement for a lost lunch box for Bogdan. The store was a zoo, with one big snake of a line, stretching for miles, it seemed. And we talk about financial crisis and recession?! Not yet, I say, not YET! Shoppers' carts were overflowing with numerous toys, all sorts of gadgets, clothes and only-cashiers-know-whats. Of course, the store didn't have a single lunch box, since "it's a seasonal item" and apparently my son was the only kid to have lost his in the middle of the school year... I should do more shopping on-line, I've concluded. At least, there all items are in season and I don't have to deal with endless lines...

In the meantime, neighbors are busy putting up the decorations and the city had the Christmas tree lighting ceremony tonight, with carolers and treats:

Kids had fun, and I again stood in line - this time to pick up free cocoa and the cookies for the gang... At least, the drink was well worth it :).

I resist the urge to splurge on Christmas decorations, following the gentle yet strong guidance of my frugal husband ;).

I've done most of my Christmas shopping by now (many years of practice have trained me well) so all I need to do is some wrapping. I just hope I have enough wrap to avoid going back to the store... =)

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