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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Have I killed my day in vain?..

I have had the laziest day ever! After all the muss and fuss of holiday shopping, packing, shipping, baking, school parties and such, my body demanded some serious rest. So I gave in and slept till after 11 am! It never happens to me! Even if my kids would let me, my body wouldn't. It just feels like such a waste of time!

Nooo, not today!

And what do you think I did after I finally woke up? Having lost the last grain of conscience, I skipped the breakfast and "good-mornings" and sat at my computer for the rest of the day, designing a photo book on Shutterfly! What makes it worse is the fact that it was my last-minute Christmas gift idea for my mother-in-law (who, by the way, was the one watching kids all this day!) Actually, for quite some time I have wanted to make a sort of a photo almanac, featuring the pictures that she had taken - she takes tons of them! - and give it to her as a gift. But to me, just the thought was intimidating. I mean, we now have 4,000+ pictures taken just by her! And those are just covering this very year of 2010!!! (I am NOT counting the pictures taken by me or my husband).

But she has been so good to me. I just wanted to give her something very special. Something above the average. So I braved the photo book idea.

I know she will love it. I can't wait till it arrives and then till the Christmas Day when I can actually give it to her!.. I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures of her facial expressions when she opens her gift! (Wouldn't that make a good start for the next year's photo book?! ;))

Our Year 2010 In Pictures


  1. really liked the album! great job!

  2. Thank you, sis! Next year I will start selecting the pictures since the beginning, so I have the go-to file at Christmas time :).

  3. To follow-up on the post, I must say that my mother-in-law totally loved her Christmas gift! The photo book was something she told all her friends about. I am so glad I actually invested my time and energy into this project. Will definitely make more photo albums in the future!