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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Last Friday our son had a Christmas party at his school. I was responsible for bringing birthday cupcakes. Since the theme was Jesus' Birthday, I really wanted the cupcakes to reflect it. So shopping I went...

I checked several party stores along with other larger retailers/grocery stores in search of anything that would at least remotely mention the true reason of the holiday. Nothing. There were snowmen, trees, gingerbread people, but nothing Christ-mas-y.

The cupcakes were baked and lovingly decorated with light green frosting and festive sprinkles, but I still felt that something was missing. Good thing there's always Google! After looking through a dozen of sites, I came across something that actually made me quite happy. A template for a "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" cupcake toppers! And it was right there, just in the next blog! :) Thank you, Di!

I decided I didn't want my toppers to be that big, so I chose a "two pages per sheet" setting at my printer and, as a result, got very cute little circles with the message I was looking for - "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" I really shouldn't disclose how late I stayed that night, cutting out little thingies and gluing them on toothpicks, but next morning they were the centerpiece of the party!

I was so glad that our kids actually got to celebrate the true meaning of the season - the birth of our Saviou Jesus Christ! The cupcakes were gone to the last morsel, and everyone had lots of fun!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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