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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The gifts of Christmas

I was caught off guard when last night at the church banquet the MC asked me what Christmas meant to me. I tried hard to put into words everything Christmas is, but there was so much left unsaid!

To me, Christmas is much more than a mere holiday. Since very childhood I was taught about the true meaning of this very special time of the year. My mother was a true believer, a sincere Christian, whose life was centered around God and living for Him. We as kids always knew that Christmas was ultimately about Christ, God's only Son, who came to Earth so we might have salvation and eternal life.

It wasn't until my teenage years that I made Christ my personal Lord and Saviour. But the truths, taught to me a child, were the seeds that led to that decision.

Now I consider Christmas a celebration of the wonderful gifts, given to all people by God Himself:
- the love of God the Creator;
- His mercy and grace;
- the miracle of knowing God intimately through faith in His Son Jesus;
- the transformation of lives of those who are willing to humbly accept the lordship of Christ;
- the abundance of blessings that are beyond our material world: love, joy, peace, hope;
- God's presence in our daily lives.

Of course, Christmas is also a wonderful time to spend with the family, to share those heavenly gifts with the loved ones, to enjoy the comfort and warmth with a circle of friends, to express love to each other in so many ways.

I am a giver in the family. To me, the best pleasure is to be able to get the gifts that would bring joy to others. This year is no different. I can't wait to see the faces of my kids when they find their presents under the Christmas tree. Here is what I got for them this year:    

- for my charmer of a son I got the Knight in Shining Armor costume set. He is a huge Backyardigans fan, and the Mighty Knights episode has been played in our house more than you want to know! Besides, he is naturally such a gentleman:

I also got him an R/C RoboRover from Ross, which - I'm sure - he will enjoy as much as being a knight :).

- for my sweet daughter I got a set of curved rails to compliment our Lego Duplo train collection and a children's digital camera since she is such an avid photographer:

- for my dearest husband - the Kindle lighted leather cover because he takes his Kindle everywhere he goes, and the built-in light is such a wonderful addition (saw it in action, fell in love with it forever!);

- for my mother-in-law - umm, still struggling... A Garnier Ultra Lift Cream with wishes of eternal beauty, perhaps, since I know she liked this product in the past, and a set of fragrant candles (always her favorite);

- for the kids of my friends - Spin Art Centers from (a big hit with my kids, not expensive but unique and entertaining):

- for myself, I actually consider it a gift to be able to buy presents for the above mentioned folks! :) I am sort of hoping for a small video camera to be able to capture the days of our lives, but since my husband is in charge of buying all the gadgets I will leave this up to him :).

There are a few other people for whom I've got the tokens of our love and attention, but let me not bore you with ALL the details :). Now that most of the gifts are wrapped, all I have to do it wait till the Big Day! :)

Though my gifts are not exactly the drummers, pipers, doves and "a partridge in a pear tree", I am sure we'll all have plenty of fun and joy on the Christmas morning when we, along with opening our presents, will also open our heart to give praise to the One who allows us to live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).

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