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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas is upon us!

The Christmas season is finally here! The tree in the park was lit last week, the city is all decked in lights and festive decorations, the stores are buzzing with shoppers seeking the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Even this notorious queen of procrastination aka CrazyMum has managed to set up her own Christmas tree in the house AND make a gingerbread house with the kids!

Our very first gingerbread house! 
Let's figure it out...
"I wonder who lives in this house!"
A gingerbread girl was quite delicious...
Needless to say, she didn't make it to the set :)
Kids are working on details.
Almost done. Still missing a few finishing touches. 

In the afternoon we went to a Christmas Banquet, hosted by the Slavic Church in Mission Viejo.

As always, the music and singing was top notch,
the food was delicious
and enjoyed to the last morsel,
and there was so much love in the air!

Tomorrow will bring more fun and joy as we will hang the icicles on the outside of the house and I will finish my Christmas wrapping...

Merry Christmas, everyone! Merry Christ-mas!..


  1. думаю, на цьому тижні буде не тільки меррі крістмас, але може бути й: "Свєтік, вітаю! Ростіть великими і здоровенькими" :)

  2. Ksu, great job! Love the pics! Kisses.

  3. Thank you, girl! I miss our Christmas get-togethers...

  4. Наточка, я теж про це подумала. Ото буде різдвяний подаруночок!!! :)

  5. так Свєтік вже в лікарні - сказали, 2-3 дня і буде мала тут! :)

  6. Wow, my youngest sister is about to deliver a baby girl! What a great start to a Christmas season!!