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Saturday, December 11, 2010

China again?!

Today we all had a bit of a scare and a good share of laugh.

Last Tuesday my husband announced he needed to go to China on a business trip for the second time in two months. Though the news didn't make me very happy (I hate when he's gone, even more so right before the Christmas), there was not much we could do. At least, this trip will allow him to get the needed miles to upgrade to a Premier Exec level for the next year... The flight, he said, would be on a Sunday morning.

As I am officially the queen of procrastination, I planned to pack his bags some time tonight. So we went to see The Tourist in the morning (what a great movie it was!), took a nice little nap afterwards and had a lazy Saturday overall. Until around 5pm, that is, when my dearest man looked at his ticket and realized the flight was actually tonight and the cab was about to arrive! I wasn't sure whether to panic or to laugh, so I did both! In 30 minutes all things were packed (it's a 7 day trip!), the shower taken, the kids kissed good-bye,.. and then we all waited 3 long hours till the cab arrived... Once again we realized how fast and effective we can be when caught in a jam :).

I sure hope it's the last trip to China (or anywhere, really) when we realize that the flight is actually a day earlier!..

Off to China you go, my love. Have a safe trip!..

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