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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best eczema remedy so far...

This post might seem totally out of place since I have lately switched to the Christmas theme and mood. However, I feel compelled to share this piece of information for the sake of those who might  be going through the same struggles as we are in our house.

The thing is, our younger child has suffered from a bad case of eczema for most of her life. It all started when she was about 4 months old. Her face and scalp would cover with red oozing blotches every time she'd have anything with dairy or gluten (through my milk or directly, e.g. munching on a piece of bread). My son was, too, allergic to dairy so I knew the drill - exclude all dairy products from my diet. But with Daryna it was worse. Even the smallest residue of gluten, dairy or soy would make her little body ooze and itch. Our allergy saga was long and painful and deserves a separate post on this blog. But because of this condition, my daughter has developed eczema which is still a problem, although it seems that she has outgrown her allergies.

Daryna's skin is still very dry and scaly. We have seen many doctors, from pediatricians to dermatologists to allergy specialists, seeking a solution for her skin condition. We have tried every cream and ointment available - Aveeno, Eucerin, Cetaphyl, all sorts of ezcema relief creams, Rx ointments, corticosteroids, oils,.. - you name it. None of them has seemed to really help. Daryna would still wake up at night, crying and complaining of being all itchy. Some nights she would scratch her back to the point of bleeding! The only two things that brought a partial relief were bath salts and colloidal oatmeal bath treatments. I buy salt in bulk from and put only a cupful of it in a children's bath tub (not as it's described on the site).

A few months ago we had to relocate due to my husband's work situation, so I was forced to look for a new pediatrician. The new doctor seemed very concerned with Daryna's skin condition. She recommended a product which at first I considered another useless stuff. However, after using it regularly as prescribed, I noticed that my daughter's skin had smoothed out significantly, it wasn't rough or scaly anymore, and she had stopped scratching herself!

I was bathing my daughter tonight and just couldn't help but love her smooth little belly and back that felt like the baby skin should! I promised myself I'd tell the world about that "miracle remedy" that has helped my baby feel so much better.

It is called Derma-Smoothe Scalp Oil. It is an Rx item, so you'd still need a prescription for it. I just wonder how come none of the many doctors/dermatologists I'd seen never mentioned it to me! I wish I had known about this medicine earlier!  

fluocinolone acetonide topical oil 0.01%
To use the body oil in children: Moisten the affected area, and then apply a thin layer of Derma-Smoothe/FS Scalp Oil twice a day for up to 4 weeks or as directed by your doctor.  
(We apply it once a day after a bath on the moist skin).

I hope Daryna's atopic dermatisis will soon be a thing of the past. In the meantime, I'll continue with salt and oatmeal baths, finished off with Derma-Smoothe. 

Here, I've kept my promise to myself! Hopefully, somebody will find this post useful. Do let me know if anything I wrote here has brought you or your loved one a relief from eczema or dermatisis. This would be the best reward for the time spent writing this post :)    

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