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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tired and stressed

Sounds familiar? :) I sure hope I am the only one feeling like this today. It's just been one of those weeks that totally sucks up all energy and inspiration. Juggling between tasks big and small, meanwhile carrying a squirmy little guy in the belly :).

Being forced to move to CA due to my husband's changed work situation, we rented out our VA house. Now our renters suddenly had to move out, and we are stuck with a vacant house that needs to be rented asap... Unfortunately, the house also needs a total make-over after the renters' "wear and tear"... Argh!

But despite the stress and fatigue, I know we'll get through this. Life is somewhat like a zebra - white stripe, black stripe, they all vary in width and length but inevitably switch from one to another.

In the meantime, let's smile and try to relax when life demands you to be all tight. I love how my kids love to play pretend. So I will, too, pretend that today is a lighter stripe than it is :):)

Bogdan is having a good laugh with his best pal Tim...

Daryna is enjoying her pretend feast.

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