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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This crazy, crazy California!

Argh, today I was so unhappy to live in California! I mean, the state doesn't even feel like a part of the US at times! I felt as if I were back in the Soviet Union, only there you could bribe to accomplish something and here even this option is not available (not that I am a fan of bribing, just saying :)).

So here is the deal. In the beginning of September my husband went to the DMV to get a Californian driver license. He passed the test and was given a slip of paper as a temporary license. This is my first complaint right there. What? A slip of paper? (Consider the fact that they also invalidated his VA license) I mean, every state we've lived at (TN, MD, VA) would give a real plastic license as soon as you pass the test! California, the richest state in the US, gives a PAPER SLIP!..

Now, they tell my dear husband that the license would arrive within 2 to 6 weeks. After 2 months (!) of waiting, we decided to call the place and see what was going on. Ah-oh, there was some delay, we were told, but the license was "processed and ready to be mailed any day". After 2 more weeks we called again - oh, here comes complaint #2: first you are put on hold for 30-40 minutes and then the pleasant voice tells you that you CAN'T inquire about your husband's license and he should call himself. Really? Would their bosses tolerate any of them sitting on the phone for 40 minutes just to take care of a personal, NON-work related issue?! Can ANY working person afford an hour on the phone during work hours?! Dah! So, I call, I wait on line for 40 minutes, have an unpleasant conversation with a pleasant voice, then manage a conference call with my husband, have HIM talk to them, and... "You probably already know that our machine that makes driver licenses was broken," - just ONE machine for the state of CA???!!! - "and we have been having issues with our new one" (oh, you've been having issues, indeed!). "Your license will be ready in 3 weeks"...

A week later we receive a letter from the DMV stating that due to some technical difficulties my husband's picture is not valid anymore (lost, ruined? what IS the problem with his picture?!) and he needs to go back to DMV and start the process again. ???? !!!!!! @%^#%&$*(*#$)(*)!!!!!

... I spent another hour on hold today, trying to reach SOMEBODY to tell them that my husband's temp "license", aka slip of paper, was expiring in 5 days and my husband needs a new one, just to talk to a mean, mean woman who neither would agree to even listen to me, or let me talk to her supervisor. Where else in the States, if you ask to be put trough to a supervisor, would you be refused your request? This is Soviet Union within the United States. People, wake up! California needs to be rescued! It will soon become a fully socialistic republic in its ugliest form and proclaim its independence from all the good things American, I'm afraid.

I'm going back to VA!... 

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