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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My own BF weaning method :)

Just wanted to share my success weaning story. Both of my kids were breast-addicts, if you will. They couldn't fall asleep without nursing, they nursed for food, for comfort, for entertainment, for everything! I had plenty of milk and since they both were allergic to milk products I breastfed them both for almost 2 years. Now when the time came to wean, I, too, didn't want to create too much drama around it. For me, leaving a child with a relative for a few days so he/she weans on its own OR refusing to BF seemed too cruel. So I came up with an unconventional method which worked perfectly. Here it is:

- In a natural drug store buy a small bottle of herbal bitters (I used tarragon/sagebrush), additionally buy a natural food coloring (preferably, organic one of green or blue or other bright color).
- Without your child seeing you, first apply the food coloring on your nipple, then apply the bitters. It might sound weird but you want your nipple to look pretty bad. The bitters should make it taste bad, too.
- Now, when you child asks to nurse, try to talk it out of it, showing your nipple and explaining that mommy has a boo-boo. Be sensitive, show compassion, be sorry for such an inconvenience. Tell your child that you would love to nurse him/her but your nipple taste horrible now. Both of my kids were pretty much turned off by the look but the younger one still wanted to try, so I let her.
- Your child most likely will be unhappy about your bitter nipples (the trick is to get the most durable and most bitter thing for the nipple, so it leaved a bad taste even after the child lets go of the nipple). The child might cry, and it's ok to cry with him and try to comfort him. Don't refuse him a nipple next time he asks, but make sure to re-apply the ugly bitter stuff!

My son would wake up at night to nurse, so when he asked for a nipple, I'd remind him of "momma's boo-boo" but still offer him a breast. He refused to nurse within two days. without any drama. It was HIS decision. With my daughter it took a bit longer. She would refuse to nurse at first, then a couple of days later she wanted to try again. So with her I had to be consistent with the "boo-boo" theory. It took us one or two weeks all together with her. However, the whole process was easy on them and on me as well.

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