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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mostly for new moms :)

My two younger sisters are expecting their firstborns this winter. It's been fun watching them in their "nesting" process. They read books and browse the web in search of very best advice on parenting, exploring hints and tips for fault-proof motherhood, and buying the best products for their little ones.

I've been there, too. Six years ago when I discovered I was pregnant with our long-awaited son, I must have read tons of reviews to find the best possible options for the safety and comfort of my child. Then two years ago when our daughter was born I got into a "learning and exploring" mode with a new zeal. Now, being pregnant with our third child, I am surprised to find myself relaxed and even lazy. I've done my share of research. I've tried firsthand a bunch of baby products. I have saved the ones I loved, and tossed the ones that weren't useful. Now all I do is take my sisters' calls and tell them, "Sure, buy this" or "Nooo, forget it" :)

So here are a few things I definitely want to recommend to those who are just starting their journeys as mothers. I'll try to supplement each item with a link where you can read additional information and comments. Hopefully, my own research will prove useful for some of my readers.


Best breast care - Lansinoh Lanolin 

Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers 2 oz (56 g) Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers 2 oz (56 g) - at Amazon

I have tried it with both of my children. I am not sure if I could have survived the breastfeeding without it. It sure heals and soothes the aching nipples and provides much needed comfort for the mother. Lanolin is safe for the baby, so there is no need to wipe it off before the nursing. I used it mostly in the first month and when my babies started teething (trust me, you'll need it then!:)). Both Target and Walmart sell this product, and I highly recommend you give it a try. It's a life saver!

Best breast pads - Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack
Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack 

No, I don't work for Lansinoh :). It just happens that I actually do like these disposable breast pads. Again, they were my tried and true friends with both of my kids. I like to share good things with my friends, so I had also bought and sent those to my BF friends in the States and overseas. Those who couldn't buy it themselves (like my friends in Ukraine) requested them again and again, bragging how nice they were. Indeed, these are soft to the skin, very absorbent, they don't leak, don't iritate the skin and overall perform very well. I do like the fact that they are disposable (I know, I know, how earth-UNfriendly!) because this is one less thing to worry about for a young mother whose mind and hands are occupied with hundreds of things big and small.
Both Lansinoh Lanolin and Bread Pads were bought, packed and sent to my dearest sisters overseas. I am confident they will make great use of them. 


My choice for diaper cream - PINXAV

PINXAV DIAPER RASH CREAM 16 OZ - at Amazon - at the original retailer

So, why Pinxav? Because of its healing properties. If your child has a slight rash, then perhaps any cream will do. But when it's a serious irritation, you want something to HEAL the skin, and fast. Pinxav does just that. If you put a good layer of it over your babe's clean dry tushie at bedtime, you might be surprised to see a fully cleared skin in the morning. With my daughter I use it on the whole diaper area, not just the bottom. It is sensitive enough not to sting (which was the case with most creams we used) yet effective to reverse the effects of allergy and irritation.

Pinxav is pink in color and very thick, but not hard or stiff. A little goes a long way, so I find it very econimical. I usually buy a large 16oz jar and it lasts up to 6 months. The weirdest thing is that it remained fresh for all that time. You can buy it in smaller tubes as well.

One word of advice. Try to keep it from getting on the clothes. Do to its pink color, it might leave stains. I have never really had an issue with it myself, but my friend complained about it. So just as a precaution, use a cloth underneath your child when putting it on.

Best wipes warmer - Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes WarmerPrince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Now some of you might wonder if you even need a wipes warmer. Before my son was born I wasn't sure either. As a matter of fact, I ad a friend who assured me that it would be a total waste of money. Am I glad I hadn't listened to her then! It sure has proved VERY useful. You would definitely appreciate it during middle-of-the-night diaper changes when waking up a baby with a cold wipe would be a thing to abhor. Just imagine how the baby must feel when you touch its rosy warm bottom with a cold wet wipe that absorbed all the chills of the winter night! I used the same warmer with both kids, without any compains (no, my wipes didn't turn brown, I just rotated them every other time I used one) and plan on using it again with my third child. I do recommend you get Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows to enhance the performance of the wiper. But no need to go fanatic with those - one will last you more that they say, as long as you rinse it now and then. If it gets dry and yellow, just give it a good bath! Again, another thing I've packed for my sissies. 

It's getting late on my side of the world, so I'll have to pause here. Next time I'll share about other great baby products. Perhaps, an inventory of my old baby items will give a few good things to write about ;).

Thanks for taking time to read my reviews. Do leave a comment if you have an opinion about one of these items or if there's anything you'd like to read about.


  1. In addition to using the lansinoh cream for nipples, I discovered that it can be used to lanolize (water-proof) wool diaper covers, socks and sweaters, as an overnight lip conditioner, and my husband even uses it on dry, chapped hands instead of petroleum-based products. It's a miracle cream!

  2. Walker, great advice! Thanks for sharing your discoveries of many uses of lanolin. Moms have some many wonderful things to share with each other!